Mark Andrew Singer has a catalog of songs written over the span of twenty years that he wants to share with his fellow artists.

Writing on both guitar and piano, he writes soulful and sometimes achingly melancholy songs across a wide spectrum, from pure wood and steel to the quirky carnivalesque with swingin' interludes. While some inevitably look inward or explore the more universal aspects of relationships, others still lament more tangible events such as Hurricane Katrina (Today The Water Came)  and the diabolical Sandy Hook School shootings (Not In My Town).

However it is that he chooses to lay it down, Mark's melodies are adorned by artfully crafted, yet readily accessible lyrics and melodies that are easily adaptable to a wide variety of genres, from indie to to country. With a few exceptions, the recordings themselves are sparse and laid bare, all with a mind to offering it up in a way that makes it easy for other artists to forge ahead with their own interpretations.